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Dai Haraguchi is a Japanese composer and conductor, who works in contemporary classical music, film, and other visual medias, and has a very unique musical background. He creates a new sound combining western classical music and Japanese traditions including Ji-uta, Folklore, Haiku and Japanese literature.

Dai recently composed an original score for a silent film “The Man Who Laughs” commissioned by Universal Pictures along with six other students, conducted Berklee Silent Film Orchestra and toured around including an opening for San Francisco Silent Film Festival in Castro theater in San Francisco, CA, Avon Theatre in Providence, RI, Cabot theatre in Beverly, MA and others. He also received Tibor Pustzai Award for conducting and Soren Christensen Award for Film Scoring.

After he started with classical music training at the age of two, he studied various instruments including piano, alto saxophone, different kinds of guitars, and Japanese koto and shamisen. He has also studied with teachers from many different countries as well: a classical guitar teacher from Spain, a piano teacher from Germany, a music theory and composition teacher from France, an orchestration/composition teacher from Russia, jazz and blues teachers from the U.S. and a koto and shamisen teacher from Japan. These musical experiences in different genres and cultures makes his music and perspective more versatile and unique. Now, Dai is continuing his study for composition and film scoring as majors and conducting as minor, under professor Alla Cohen at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.